We at Las Vegas Cater take care of the food for any party or gathering. But, where there is food, there is most likely to be tables as well. And what better way to add a creative touch to tables than a unique centerpiece? Pinterest is loaded down with ideas, so we’ve gathered our top five favorite, and yet simple, centerpiece ideas that you can try yourself for your event!

This is probably a given. Flowers have been used as centerpieces for as long as events have been around. But what makes it a great choice is the level of customization that can be put into it. Everything from roses and sunflowers to carnations and daisies can be used as a centerpiece.
And to add to the unique theming of your centerpiece, you need to choose a holder for your flowers. You can go with a simple clear or colored glass vase, or you can go with the more unusual and choose a gravy boat to holds your petaled pretties. The sky is the limit!

Here’s an idea you may not have considered for your centerpieces: candy! There are many ways to include sweets on your table and it’s an idea that everyone young and old will love. You could put a vase with a lollipop bouquet in the middle of your display. Or fill a large jar with Hershey kisses and glitter to add a little sparkle.

This is a great choice for weddings, graduations parties, or baby showers. Set a bowl in the middle of the tables and lay out strips of paper and pens. Guests at each table can write well wishes or memories on the paper and then curl them and place them in the bowl. At the end of the day, gather all the messages and put them in one large bowl for the bride and groom, parents to be, or graduate to read. Guests will enjoy being involved in the big day and you’ll create memories to last a lifetime.
Pro Tip: purchase a mason jar and ribbon to hold all of the notes on a desk or shelf for years after. On an anniversary, or whenever a smile is needed, open the jar and reread the notes!

You read that right: pumpkins. While this only works for fall festivities, it’s sure to be a hit with your attendees. Either purchase real pumpkins and hollow them out, or plastic ones and cut a circle in the top. Then use it as a vase or flowers or toppers or anything you can imagine and create a conversation starter at every table. Want to entertain the kids at the party? Include some markers for them to work together to design adorable pumpkins that you can put on display later.

Want something unique, eye catching, and elegant? Grab a few vases or glasses and fill them to varying levels with water. Now, let your imagination run wild. You can float candles, flower blossoms, or fruit for a modern look. And you can place colorful pebbles at the bottom of the glass for added stability and beauty. Just be sure to have a backup plan if a centerpiece is knocked over and the water spills.
Whatever design you decide to go with, remember to have fun. Events don’t need to be stressful ordeals. And we can take a load off your shoulders by handling all of the food and beverage options for the big day. So give us a call and see why we’re best when it comes to catering in Las Vegas!

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