las vegas family style catering

Family Style Catering Las Vegas

If it is family style catering Las Vegas that you are looking for, we have the best catering Las Vegas has to offer. For your special family event, you don’t want surprises. You need an efficient and credible catering service that you can count on for all of your catering needs. And that’s where we come in.

What are some of the best food choices?

Before you plan your special event, you will want to sit down with Las Vegas catering and plan your food choices. From finger foods to sit-down type dinners, you will want a caterer who can deliver the types of foods you want for your special event. We can provide everything you need.

Some of the best foods you should consider for your catering event include:

Finger foods * Barbeque * Shrimp and Fish * Themed food * Cultural food * Drinks and desserts

  • Finger foods- Finger foods are the easiest to deal with when catering an event. Professional catering companies can handle this type of food easily. In fact, many of these prefer it to a sit-down dinner, because it is easier to do. However, you should have a caterer who is willing to do what you want,  not just what is convenient for them. We always rise to the challenge. Want more than finger foods? We have you covered for that too.
  • Barbeque- For a special event, Barbeque is always popular. Family style catering events are a great time to consider barbecue as your staple food, especially if you have a large number of people attending. BBQ Catering Las Vegas is always a hit.
  • Shrimp and Fish- Seafood is a great catering food item, but you should make sure that your caterer understands the rules on proper food safety before serving this food. That’s because shrimp and fish can go bad very quickly, especially in a hot environment. You don’t want to risk food-borne illness, so always choose a family style caterer that knows how to deal with this type of food. While some caterers may have issues with shrimp and fish, we can have your event swimming along smoothly!
  • Themed food- One thing many people like to do is to make their food choices align with the theme of their party. For example, if the theme of the family event is a birthday by the sea, you could serve seafood to go along with the theme. This is just one example of how you could fit the theme of your party into your food choices.
  • Cultural food- For a culture-based family event, consider serving food from the country or culture that you want to represent. For example, for a Bar Mitzvah, you could serve Jewish food. This will add a level of authenticity to any family event.
  • Drinks and desserts- When planning your family event, make sure you remember to plan for the drinks and desserts. We will work with you to make the right choices for your catered Las Vegas event so that people will delight in your drink and dessert choices. For help with your special family event, contact us. We have the best caterers in Las Vegas, and we will take all the worry off your plate, and serve up the best catering Las Vegas has to offer. We’re catering Las Vegas, and we’d love to cater your next family event.