Las Vegas liquor catering

Liquor Catering Las Vegas

When it comes to Las Vegas liquor catering, we’ll provide a spread that will leave them talking. We can do beer sampling events, tequila tastings and wine buffets. We can setup multi-site bars with staff and a multitude of cocktail offerings.

No matter the size of your event, whether it’s a game day in, a fundraising event or a special gathering, we’ll bring our bar, bartenders and all the extras.

Beer Tastings

Enhance your event with one of our beer tastings. We’ll match up an assortment of microbrews, ales, exotic imports, flavored beers or quality domestics with your event. Adding a beer tasting will elevate your occasion and excite your guests.

Wine Tastings

You can easily class up your gathering or event by offering your guests a wine tasting. We’ll provide a wide assortment of wines and pair them with cheeses, cracker trays and fresh fruit.

Wine tastings can be customized to fit your tastes and occasions. Whether you want a sample of 3 quality wines or a full wine spread, we’ll keep your guests happy with the assortment. We have wines available in all price ranges, to suit any budget.

Whiskey Tastings

Whiskeys, especially flavored whiskeys are becoming popular and you can add to your occasion by offering your guests a tasting of some of the best. From high end, top shelf whiskey to more budget-friendly fare, we’ll offer a terrific sampling.

Our knowledgeable bar staff will help guide your guests, based upon taste levels and recommendations. Add some food to the offerings to help your guests absorb the alcohol and enhance the tastings. Our friendly event planners will assist in coordinating the perfect foods to pair with the selected whiskeys.

Keggers For Game Day

If you’re looking to take your game day party to a higher level, we’ll help by bringing the kegs, cups and staff. We offer a variety of popular beers, from domestics to imports.

Pair our keg offerings with a snack station or food trays for the perfect party that will keep your guests happy, full and entertained. We offer drop off service or fully catered provisions to go with your suds.

You can do it yourself or have one of our keg experts pour for your guests and clean up everything afterwards.

Margarita Machines

Our Las Vegas liquor catering isn’t just limited to tastings. We’ll liven up your event with a margarita machine to add some extra fun. Guests can serve themselves or one of our handy margarita machine experts will fill their glasses with frozen perfection.

Expert Planning and Advice

Contact one of our professional event coordinators and we’ll assist in planning your event, from start to finish. We’ll provide expert opinions and advice on food pairings, liquor pairings, setup and entertainment options.

We can even track down rare, hard to find liquors for your specialty event. Bring us your list or let our planners work their magic and provide a comprehensive liquor menu.