It’s nearing time for that magical moment you’ll never forget: your wedding day. And while all of the beautiful pictures will be of the exact moment you said “I do” or the bridge coming down the aisle, no wedding is complete without the reception. The afterparty is prime opportunity for your guests to socialize and let loose after the ceremony.
And what do all good receptions have in common? Music. It’s what separates quiet, awkward gatherings from lively parties. Dancing, from cheesy line dances to romantic slow dances, make everlasting memories for everyone young and old.
But how do you pick the perfect DJ for your wedding? It can be a nerve wracking experience putting so much trust into a stranger for such an important moment. We’ve put together a short list of some crucial questions you should ask a potential DJ, to help ensure you find the right fit. There’s plenty more you will have to consider, especially budget, dates, genres, and more, but this is a great place to start.

1. How can you make the music experience unique to us as a couple?
The right DJ is willing to take the time to listen to what you want, and absolutely don’t want for that matter, playing at your wedding. There is no universal playlist that fits every couple. Some will want it to be an elegant and upright evening with more slower pieces than upbeat ones. And others will want to create a techno mosh pit at their special day.
If a DJ isn’t cooperating with your tastes, styles, and desired mood for the reception, this is not the DJ for you. Those new to profession will have perfected a playlist that they enjoy, but if it’s not right for your vision, then don’t settle for anything less than perfect. This is your day, not the DJ’s.

2. Do you get the crowd involved and, if so, how?
The goal of the DJ should be to have every single one of your guests on that dance floor. But how exactly they achieve that can vary from artist to artist. Ask them what their technique is, or ask to see an example. The ability to read the crowd is one that has to be learned from experience.
Some of the most common methods of crowd involvement that you may consider asking about is the line dance. This could be anything from the electric slide to the cupid shuffle. It’s an easy dance that everyone know and will jump to join in for. And throwback songs that peaked at the time most of the guests were in high school can also be a hit with your guests. See what creative ideas your prospective DJ comes up with.

3. Do you accept song requests from our guests?
This can be a challenging question to answer for newer DJ’s. This takes experience and grace to handle properly. Many will say they will accept all song requests from your beloved guests, because that makes them appear more accommodating and warm. But what if the song your guest requests is in direct violation of the music you told your DJ not to play?
Balancing your guests’ desires and your own desires can be a sticky situation to say the least. A great solution is to appoint your maid of honor or another close friend who will intercept all song requests and filter them before passing them onto the DJ, thus ensuring your vision is kept intact while your guests remain happy.

4. Can you visit our reception venue beforehand?
If your potential DJ has never performed at your chosen venue before, then it is crucial that the DJ be willing to visit the site before the big day. Not only is it important to get a view of where equipment can properly be set up and how to bring it in, the acoustics in venues will be different from each other. Your DJ must be willing to get a feel for how the music will sound and make adjustments as needed.
An added benefit is the DJ can get in touch with the venue staff. He or she can give the venue managers the insurance paperwork and other important documents they may request. And the DJ can learn what limitations and rules the venue has in place for A/V equipment. If a DJ refuses to familiarize himself or herself with your venue, then keep looking. Not surveying the land beforehand can lead to confusion, mix ups, and accidents.

The number one rule of choosing a DJ is to never settle. This is your dream day and everything will be absolutely perfect if you look hard enough. Ask married friends for recommendations or see who is well reviewed on Yelp for your area. And once you have the DJ, don’t forget catering. Las Vegas Cater can build the best menu possible to make your reception as magical as the ceremony itself.