Anyone who has ever thrown a party knows the struggle of originality. We all want to create the most unique and entertaining event possible, one that stays on the lips of our attendees for days after. But with so many gatherings preceding yours, how can you set yourself apart?
A specialty of ours here at Las Vegas Cater is the one of a kind gourmet taco bar. What better way to add some liveliness to your event than tables full of delectable taco treats to customize and socialize over? And with so many options, you’ll have dozens of taco creations on hand to enjoy. Here are just some of the many possibilities we can provide to make a party to remember.

Tortilla to Taste – the first rule of a taco is bar, is to include a taco shell. (Unless you want to be one of those people that just eats all the toppings.) We can provide the basic flour tortilla, or make things even more interesting with spinach or tomato tortillas. If you want to add a little spice to your party, our special chili flavored tortilla may be just what you’re looking for.
The Best Base – once you have a vessel, you’ll need the base meat that provides a solid source of protein to the meal. Shredded beef, chicken, and pork are all at your disposal with Las Vegas Cater’s taco bar. And, even better, we are an inclusive and accommodating catering service, so vegetarian options are available!
Terrific Toppings – very few view just a shell and some meat as a suitable taco. You need some tasty toppings to add flavors and textures into the mix. Onions, tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce are all classic choices that we can serve with any gourmet taco bar. And for all your cheese fanatical guests, we have a myriad of cheese options to choose from. Or include them all! There are more toppings than we can list in this limited paragraph, so get in touch to see your endless possibilities.
Superb Salsa – this is our crowning glory, the piece that sets Las Vegas Cater apart. Not only do we have a taco bar, but we have a salsa bar to go with it. What exciting party would settle for a one size fits all salsa? We have various salsas, with varying levels of heat, to give you a customized taco extravaganza. Green salsa, red salsa, and even a fresh, tasty pineapple salsa can be made to perfection from fresh ingredients just for you.
Sides of Supremacy – no meal is complete without some sides. We can cater the classic rice and beans to keep everyone full and satisfied. But we can also cook up other unique offerings such as menudo and albondigas. It’s the perfect final touch to an exciting take on catering. And, of course, we can serve quesadillas as well to keep the little ones happy too.

The world is your oyster, so get creative and have some fun. Your guests will be raving about this unique and interactive way to enjoy food and everyone will be asking how you pulled it together! And the best part? You don’t have to do any of the work. Las Vegas Cater handles the planning, prep, and service for you, so you can munch away.
If you think a gourmet taco bar sounds like a blast, share this article on your Facebook or Twitter. And comment below to tell us what you think about this creative fiesta idea. The perfect party is only a call away at Las Vegas Cater, so get in touch today!