You’re getting ready for your big day and it’s probably coming faster than you expected. And an important part of this planning process is the floral arrangements. While you might just pick whatever flower and color looks prettiest to you, and many do, some flowers have ceremonious meaning when associated with a wedding. Here are some of our favorite special messages to choose to accent your vows and a few to avoid at all cost.

This is a favorite wedding staple across the country for its beauty and the ability to bloom year round. They can also be done at a moderately affordable rate so you can spend more of your wedding budget elsewhere, or you can go the extravagant route. These fragrant flowers stand for Love and Joy at a special gathering, adding an extra touch to your memorable day.

Another year round flower, carnations are a great affordable pick that can be used to fill a room at a fraction of the cost of some other flowers. Most carnations, however, lack a strong smell, so you will to find some other way to add a sweet scent to the air. Different carnation colors have different meanings, so pick one or more for your desired effect. Red symbolizes Love and pink symbolizes Boldness. Some other colors may have negative meanings which you can find below.

If you’re looking to fill your wedding with the strong smell of flowers, gardenias are a great option. Plus, there is no exact season for these beautiful flowers, so any wedding can feature them. They are, however, far more expensive than carnations or even roses. If you do choose to go this route, then they add a meaning of Purity and Joy to the wedding they decorate.

For weddings that take place in the spring, iris flowers make a lovely addition to centerpieces and potted arrangements. They are moderately expensive flowers, but have a strong, pleasing aroma that your guests will enjoy. And, they have a more unique symbolism of Faith and Wisdom, for couples appreciate each other’s intelligent minds in addition to their hearts.

This is as much an interesting flower choice as it is beautiful. The dark purple will stand out against a white backdrop, but there are two main types of lilacs. The American grown lilacs are more bush like and are better as filler plants for spring weddings. French lilacs can be shipped in any time of the year, and are more flower like, making them perfect for bouquets. Whichever you choose, they represent The First Emotions of Love, bringing back the memories of your and your future spouse’s first date.

Lily’s are a perfect fit for any summer wedding and come in an assortment of colors to fit any theme. Another benefit is they are versatile, able to be used in bouquets, arrangements, or wherever else you want the added beauty and smell. Plus, they symbolize Truth and Honor, which is a touching addition to your big day.

This is not a common choice for many weddings, but you can’t deny how striking they look. What turns some couples away from this option is that they only bloom in late spring and tend to be pricey. In addition, they only give off a very light aroma. But they are probably the only flower to stand for Determination, Ambition, and the American Spirit. For patriotic weddings, there’s no better flower.

If the smell of flowers is something you would like to avoid, but you still want to add their pretty presence, then tulips could be a great choice for you. They give off virtually no scent and can be used for a very clean, simple bouquet design. Be careful though, there are fragile! Tulips represent Love and Passion and will make for some lovely, modern wedding photos.

Now that you have a fine assortment of flowers to choose from, you should know of a few you should steer clear of. You wouldn’t want any of these on your big day.

  • Lavender – while they may be one of the finest smelling flowers you can think of off the top of your head, their meaning of Distrust could add a sour note to your wedding.
  • Yellow Carnation – we do recommend red or pink carnations in the list above, but keep yellow out of the mix as it means Disdain.
  • Yellow Rose – as with carnations, some colors of roses are perfect for wedding vows, but the yellow rose symbolizes Jealousy, not fitting for this occasion.
  • Marigold – this is not a common pick for weddings, but some choose it for creative reasons, not realizing it stands for Grief.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you pick out your flowers for your upcoming wedding. That’s one more step off the to do list. Now, it’s time to start thinking about the food and drinks you’ll have served. Luckily, we can help in that regard too! Las Vegas Cater has all of your wedding dining needs covered, from first appetizer to final dessert. We work one on one with you to customize the menu of your dreams, leaving no detail unplanned for such an important, and memorable, occasion. So give us a call today to begin your catering adventure.
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