Las Vegas Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering Las Vegas

What do you need to make your wedding special? Is it a great dress, a place to hold your wedding, the perfect cake? The answer to this is “all of the above.” But you also need a great Las Vegas catering company.

Choosing the right catering company can be confusing. It can even be a daunting task. That’s where we come in. No need to search, we can do it all! We can custom-design your wedding event, making it exactly the day that you’ve dreamed about.

We’re catering Las Vegas, one wedding at a time!

What types of foods should you serve at your wedding?

You can choose to serve any foods that you prefer for your wedding. Experts recommend some of these popular choices to make your catered Las Vegas wedding event impressive and memorable.

Maryland crab cakes and dip * Roasted Marinated Vegetables *  Hand-rolled Sushi * Cultural-based foods and desserts * Unique specialty drinks * Wedding cakes * Chocolate Fountains

  • Maryland crab cakes and dip- This is just one idea, but it is usually a big hit at weddings and formal occasions. For the Eastern wedding, it’s perfect as it features one of the most popular food items while dressing it up for the occasion. The specialty dips that our caterers come up with complement Maryland crab cakes perfectly and leave people talking about your wedding for days.
  • Roasted Marinated Vegetables- Marinated vegetables are always a great accent for your wedding event. They complement any  main course nicely, and you can choose from a wide variety of vegetables.
  • Hand-rolled Sushi- For the Asian wedding, or just to add a bit of culture to your wedding event, choose hand-rolled sushi. For an extra special angle, choose several different types of sushi to share with your guests.
  • Cultural-based foods and desserts- Like Sushi, there are a wide variety of wedding-appropriate foods to help make your food choices special. From Mexican to Mediterranean, Greek, or American, any wedding can feature a cultural flair by asking your Las Vegas caterer to focus on foods that are popular in any culture or country. This makes your wedding unique and customized, especially if the bride or groom are from a different country.
  • Unique specialty drinks- Top off your wedding with a specialty drink selection that your guests will appreciate and enjoy. You can accentuate your drinks with bride and groom accents or umbrellas, for example, or choose drinks that match the colors of the wedding. Ask your caterer to help you brainstorm ideas that will surprise and delight your wedding guests.
  • Wedding cakes- Let’s not forget the cake! To make things easier, sometimes it best to hire a caterer who also specializes in wedding cake creation. Then, they can bring everything in at the same time and avoid having to worry about dealing with more than one. We have you covered! Las Vegas catering can work with you to make sure everything goes as planned.
  • Chocolate Fountains- One nice accent you could include in your wedding event is a chocolate fountain. People can dip their fruit into the bubbling fountain, and they enjoy seeing the chocolate cascading down the tower. It is a real conversation piece.

If you need help planning your wedding event, let us know. We are your one-stop Las Vegas catering place and we can help you ensure that your wedding will be an impressive, memorable event that will last for years in the minds of your guests